Wesley at Tehaleh

Owner: Wesley Homes and Presbyterian Homes & Services
Location: Bonney Lake, WA
Architect: Cuningham
Program: Senior living campus with 136 independent living units, 42 catered living units, 18 memory care units, and a 24,000 sq. ft. town center
Size: 406,000 sq. ft.
Construction Budget: $73 million

Wesley at Tehaleh is a new 406,000 sq. ft. senior living community dedicated to the well-being of its residents. The project design and construction spanned three years, culminating in a Lodge with Town center and a Brownstone building totaling 196 residence apartments. The Community features many amenities, including a 24,000 sq. ft. town center and a breath-taking view of Mount Rainier and the Olympic mountain range.

This project is located 45 minutes south of Seattle in the Bonney Lake community with an intergenerational demographic that includes single family homes, schools, business and miles of interwoven trails and parks.  The over-arching theme of the project for all design disciplines was to create and foster a biophilic environment, connecting the outdoors with the indoors and becoming as one with nature as possible.

Due to the Pacific coast’s relatively mild climate, energy modeling, daylighting and natural ventilation were key design components.  The entire project was heated and cooled by a highly efficient Electric Variable Refrigerant system equipped with energy recovery.  Trickle vented windows allowed for natural non-mechanical ventilation in each residence apartment. This project was truly inspired by nature.

Steen Engineering is a recipient of an ACEC of MN Engineering Excellence Honor award for Wesley at Tehaleh.