Hewing Hotel

Owner: Fe Equus Development
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Mechanical/Electrical Engineers: Steen Engineering, Inc.
Architect: ESG Architects
Program: Historic renovation of a 120-year old building into a high-class hotel.
Size: 116,123 sq. ft.
Construction Budget: $38 million

Hewing Hotel is a 6-story, 124 room hotel located in the North Loop neighborhood in Minneapolis. The hotel includes a restaurant and roof top bar.

This boutique hotel is a renovation of the Historic Jackson Building, a century old brick and timber structure that once was a farm warehouse.

The building’s mechanical system consists of a unique integrated piping strategy. Superior energy efficiency is realized by taking advantage of the domestic hot and cold water to satisfy the heating and cooling requirement, consolidating the facilities service water piping with the heating and cooling functions saving significant capital and operating costs. Ventilation is provided to each space, including guest rooms, utilizing heat recovered from the guest room exhaust.