Audi Car Dealership

Owner: International Autos Group
Location: Richfield, MN
Mechanical Engineers: Steen Engineering
Architect: Phillips Architects & Contractors
Program: 3-level auto dealership including service bays, carwash, showroom and offices.
Size: 47,150 sq. ft.
Construction Budget: $12.5 million

Audi of Richfield is a three-story auto dealership and includes a showroom, service bays, offices and an attached carwash.

This high profile, large and luxurious new terminal on the north side of interstate 494 in Richfield features an indoor car inventory on the 3rd floor with large display windows facing the highway.

The building’s high performance mechanical systems include latent and sensible energy recovery on the make-up air units, and a cascading multiple boiler system which provides heat to several radiant floor systems, snowmelt systems and water-source heat pumps. A cooling tower provides heat rejection to the heat pump hydronic loop. The shop in-floor tailpipe exhaust system utilizes variable speed control on the exhaust fan to increase airflow based on demand.